The Zetetic Approach

Art is personal - this was the message that ‘The Zetetic Approach’ wanted me to portray as part of their branding. Zetetic means proceeding by inquiry, an investigation. Their main idea, or their theme they wanted for their art exhibition was to make a connection with the posters and to the exhibition itself, suggesting that people

would come and investigate after viewing the posters. After a brainstorming session with the clients, I suggested an unconventional use of
bubble wrap as the posters. Bubble wrap was included in a lot of sculptures and artwork and was a good use of the slogan ‘Art is personal’.

Using three different textures of bubble wrap started the base of the poster. The type reflected the bubbly graphics and the pink made sure the copy didn’t melt into the background. These were then screen-printed onto bubble wrap and had an equivalent of a digital design.