From Bristol to Berlin

A big project I worked on in 2014 was curating an exhibition, called ‘From Bristol to Berlin’, which also coincided with my third year BA Top-up Censored for Show (CFS). This exhibition was for about 45 people on the graphic design course and was based on our trips to these cities. A night was held, where over 100 people attended to view our photography and type based journals. My journal had a mix of photography and screen print patterns influenced from the Berlin wall.

I designed the logo, which was influenced from Berlin and incorporated the words ‘Bristol’ and ‘Berlin’ in a simple block, by slicing each word in half and placing them on top of each other. The same influence of Berlin was translated into the invite itself, and was similar to a ticket from the Jewish Museum we had visited.

At the exhibition there were also exclusive screen prints up for sale, designed especially

for this exhibition to help with funds towards our Bristol/London/Weston show.

There was a collage of photos, provided by the arts and media production students, who had also recently visited Berlin. I helped set up their part of the exhibition and utilised a studio space and a computer room to show their video reels and experiences in Bristol and Berlin.