Bakers Dozen

Bakers Dozen was a branding concept which was an 18-hour turn around brief. It was for an exhibition for 13 people and the well known saying, ‘Bakers Dozen’ was the name settled upon as the brand name. 

A theory about where a baker’s dozen originates from is simply the way bakers bake

bread. Baking trays have a ratio of 3:2, which results in 13 items with a 4+5+4 hexagonal arrangement, avoiding corners, to cook evenly, which shouted out at me as a workable concept and a place for me to start my research.

The final design shows hexagons
on the insides of 13 circles, laid out in the shape of a baking tray and the logo was very simple and related to the number ‘13’ with
the ‘B’ being split to show the ‘1’ and ‘3’ separately.