Censored for Show (CFS)

I was the creative director for Censored for Show and the concept behind it was based around how our creativity as designers is constrained by the stages* of censorship.

Keeping ‘Censored for Show’ simple, we decided to abbreviate it to just the acronym, CFS. This is a popular trend used in company names and general conversation and is less
of a mouthful and in turn creating our own trademark.

For the strapline we wanted to reiterate the censored for show brand. After a discussion we came up with censored design, limitless creativity. This shows how we like to push things further on and as graduate designers we don’t mind experimenting and being bold. But this was saying the same thing twice so we cut it down to just limitless creativity.

Due to our travelling show to Bristol Paintworks, we took inspiration from Banksy, our South West influence. This is where the paint splats and graffiti spray derived from.

Our first CFS exhibition took place in the Paintworks event space in Bristol. This is a huge venue that the 8 of us had to fill. Arranging our pillars on one side, back to back with vinyls. These pillars had our research project, designing for social impact. 

Our second exhibition was at Weston College, which was part of the yearly exhibition. This was a smaller venue than Bristol Paintworks so a lot of the vinyls had to be re-designed as there was less space. Our last exhibition was in London at the New Designers, again this was an even smaller venue but we managed to scale the exhibition down.


We managed to bring people to our exhibition by taking a polaroid camera and asking people to come down to collect their photos after censoring their image.

Work placements and freelance projects, personal identity and personal bio. The pallets had our journals on, diaries of different elements completed throughout the year. As well as hand made seating and tables for our guests. Around the space was our photos, some censored some uncensored as part of our exhibition theme. And to give the room an extra something we plastered it in censored yellow tape. The exhibition was visited by Aardman Animation, Dare West, Hive, The Governor of Bristol, The West Design Forum and many others. It was a huge success.


* The client// Consider client's demands                  The brief// Consider audience's needs                  Society// Consider legal and moral issues